competitions. One of the most memorable was the 200-people aeroplane formation in the 1978 competition.

The Band’s versatility has been proven over the years, and it has also done well on the concert stage and in many outdoor competitions.

The success of the TK Band was noted outside the school band circle as well. In 1976, Radio Television Singapore produced a documentary, “The Makings of a Band”. It traced the band’s training for the outdoor competition and progress from January to April that year, and captured on film the glorious sight of a gigantic pagoda formation, gracefully formed by close to 180 band members.

Throughout the 1980s, the band continued its winning form. When it split in 1989, going two separate ways, Miss Joseph continued to lead the technical school band, which retained the name TK Band till today.

In 1992, Ms Joseph retired, leaving behind a rich legacy and more importantly, a living one. For it was because of her shining example, that she was able to leave behind not just an

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